Fresh Apps: Top 5 best free apps of the week(July 2015)

1.Tuber: The Youtube Companion


This is a new app and as it name suggests it is a youtube related app.It has a  very responsive user interface which makes watching YouTube video subscriptions fast and simpler than before.This app is free so check it out. (source: Android police)

[appbox googleplay com.prometheusinteractive.tuber ]

2.Microsoft Hyper lapse:

Microsoft Hyperlapse-970-80

This is a camera application from Microsoft.It was initially released in beta.This application takes a ton of pictures and puts them together in a time lapse video.This is one of the more unique ways to create memories on Android and it’s just a lot of fun to use.Now this app is not in beta it is fully functional.

[appbox googleplay]

3.Solid Explorer File Manager:


This app is not new, but it has been given a complete relaunch for version 2.0.This app’s user interface is now material design.Solid Explorer is one of the best looking file and cloud manager with two independent panels.This file browser is fast and responsive.It’s definitely worth a shot.

[appbox googleplay pl.solidexplorer2 ]

4.Trring – Awesome Lock screen:

This is a new but awesome lock screen app. You can basically launch any app or call your friend/relative i.e., Speed dial (available in Pro version) or you can even toggle settings like Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. straight from the lock screen.It has an old rotary dialer style user interface.Thanks to its rotary dialer style, you can access your regular tasks without worrying about any accidental touches on your phone.This is a good replacement for your stock android lock screen.

[appbox googleplay com.innovplex.trringfree]

5.Tiles Instagram Lock Screen:

It is another lock screen replacement app, but it is not like other regular lock screen will replace your stock lock screen with a stylish tile wall full of Instagram photos.This lock screen app turns your lock screen into a beautiful collage of your Instagram feed.You can basically do all common Instagram activities directly from the lock screen tiles.The best thing about this app is that it is fully free, so check it out.

[appbox googleplay]

#Source: Android police