Boost your Android performance and battery with greenify

Your phone is rooted but it still lags and battery drains quickly, well you are in right place.Do you know the reason behind these problems is background running apps? But thanks to greenify now you can hibernate any of the running apps which will result in good performance and battery life.Greenify is free in the play store.

After installing the app open it and you will be greeted with its simple user interface.To find out which apps are running on the background just click the plus mark and choose the app, which you want to hibernate.Then click the hibernate button which present at the bottom right corner.It will hibernate the app and believe me it works.Using this app you can boost both performance and battery life of your android devices.If you want to de hibernate any of the hibernated apps then choose the app, you want to de hibernate and press the play button.Some screenshots are given below:








Watch simple guide how to use the app: