First Look At Microsoft’s Cortana For Android 

Google Now is one of the best voice assistant app available in the market right now.It is better than Apple’s SIRI,  but now it looks like there are other companies aiming to launch some cool voice assistant apps for smartphones.Microsoft is one of them.They are going to launch their cross platform Cortana assistant in 2015. The app is originally scheduled to launch this month, but Microsoft has now confirmed a beta version of Cortana has been delayed.Don’t worry the app will be available in the play store very soon.Microsoft has re-developed Cortana quite a bit over the past 12 months. The assistant will be available for Android, Xbox and Windows 10 machines.Remember that Cortana will be connected to the user’s Microsoft account in order to keep the cross-platform features in sync. In practice this means you’ll be able to set a reminder on your Android phone and then view it later on your Windows 10 PC or Xbox console.

The leaked version of Cortana is still a beta and it is not recommended to use in a daily basis.Still if you want to use it then  you may encounter bugs along the way.

Below we share the hands-on video of the app(Source:9to5Google)

Source: 9to5Google & knowyourmobile