MKBHD’s One Plus 2 Camera Hands On Review

One Plus 2 is going to release on 27th July in virtual reality.They have already confirmed all the specs of the phone via Twitter.As  One plus one is the flagship killer phone, so there is a high expectation on the phone.But the good news is that now we have real pictures and video samples of the camera on One Plus one turned to Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. MKBHD, to deliver an early review of the camera on the OnePlus 2.MKBHD is not telling anything about One Plus 2 except the camera.Below is his video

MKBHD is the best tech youtube in the world so this is no wonder that this video is also too detailed and informative.In this video, he showed  a variety of shooting scenarios and modes displaying the output for reach, then he comes the pictures taken by One Plus 2 with other Pictures taken by LG G4 and S6.According to him this is a great smartphone camera but it can’t dethrone LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy s6.

The camera on this phone is a 13MP and uses a constant f/2.0(LG G4 has f1.8 and s6 has f1.9), so the low light shooting is the weakest point of this phone.But this is not a big deal because most of the phones have the same issue.

One Plus 2 SThis phone can shoot 4k videos like One Plus one.MKBHD was impressed with the 4K videos.It still lacks optical image stabilization (OIS) renders it a bit shaky at times.It offers slow motion video at 720.

If you want to know more about the camera performance of the phone, then you should watch MKBHD’s 7 minute video.

Source: MKBHD