Four alleged new Motorola devices appeared on the internet

Motorola is in the news for upcoming Moto lineup devices.There are various rumors and leaks about these devices on the internet.And now Four alleged new Motorola devices appeared in a leak.These may be the upcoming Motorola Moto devices.This leak looks more realistic and promising.


The new leak shows four alleged new Motorola devices. According  HelloMotoHK, the devices are the new Droid Mini, 3rd gen Moto G, new Droid, and 3rd gen Moto X. All have the same design, with the two Droids having the same diamond pattern on the back.So this leak has more potential. But there is an issue with this leak, the Droid and its mini counterpart are the same size. Definitely it is not going to happen.

These Moto devices look solid and have a very good simple design.Like all other tech lovers, we also have high hopes for these upcoming Motorola devices.So what do you think about this leak, comment below and keep visiting to get updates on latest android smartphones.