Samsung 11k Mobile Display

 Samsung Is Working On a 11K Mobile Display With 3D Capabilities 

Samsung is undoubtedly one the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.They have a good track record when it comes to delivering high-quality smartphone.They always have the best AMOLED display panels on their flagship smartphones.But there are other companies like LG who are also making some high-quality IPS displays.Last year LG released LG G3 with 2k display and it became the first phone having a 2k display.Then other companies started making a 2K display.Motorola and Samsung are the two popular manufacturers who are using 2k displays on their flagship phones.

This year LG released LG G4 with a great QHD(2K) display which looks far better than previous LG G3.Like LG, this year Samsung released Samsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge with Super AMOLED QHD display and this became the one of best display panels on any smartphone ever.

But now Samsung is going to create history.The smartphone giant is working on a display panel which no one can ever imagine.

The director of Base Technology, Chu Hye Yong announced that the company is planning to develop the world’s first 11K super-resolution display by 2018.(Source: Electronic Times).The resolution of the screen will be 11K and 2,250 pixels per inch which is insane.It will have 3D capabilities as well.According to an article on CNBC,  As many as 13 domestic and foreign companies are involved in the project, named “EnKD,” which began on June 1. The South Korean government is also said to be investing $26.5 million in the project over the course of five years.

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