Top 10 best android apps 2015 every android user should have


Android is the most used mobile OS in the world.There are more than 1.5 million android apps available in Google the play store.So it is very difficult for the users to choose and download some applications on their phones.Here we share our top 10 best android apps every android user should have on their phone.


1weather_materialdesignStarting with number 1 we have 1weather app.This my favorite weather application of choice.It has very clean and responsive user interface and you can get daily, weekly and monthly weather details with this app.So this is a must have app.

2.Google Chrome:(Free)

Chrome-for-Android-Autofill-flowGoogle chrome is one of the best browsers available in every format of gadgets.Chrome for android is very well designed and responsive.You can login to your account on chrome and you can easily access all of your browsing histories from your smartphone.As it is a cross-platform browser and a product from google, it is definitely one of the best apps for android.


2Nowadays most of the people are using instant messaging instead of regular messages.Whatsapp is considered as the king of the instant messaging app.It is available in every platform, unlike iMessage.Now it includes voice calling which is an awesome add on to the app.


dropbox-androidThis is one of the best cloud storage app available in the play store.Using this app you can create a document on one android device, for example, edit it on another, view it on your any computer and finally share it from anywhere with file syncing and storage.This app gets update frequently which is good.

5.Mx player:(Free)

ZWj2y4gThis is probably the best free media player available for android.This video player can play all sorts of video formats.MX Video Player supports a wide range of codecs.Now they included “H/W+” decoder. Now you can use hardware decoding on your videos, even if hardware decoding support isn’t available for that format on your device.So it is a must have android app.


TAB46This is one of the most popular and used music streaming app available in the play store.It has a good-looking user interface and its tablet interface looks similar as the free desktop browser player.The cool thing is that it is free.



DSC_0003This is the best photo sharing social network available in the world.The app on android has ver responsive user interface and gets regular updates which are good.This social network site is getting huge popularity day by day.You can share picture and video up to 15sec. on Instagram.One of the popular thing about Instagram is its inbuilt photo editor.

8.Dash clock Widget:(Free)


dashclock_facelift_2This a very simple clock widget and available for android devices which are running on android 4.2 or latest.There are tons of add-ons available to add to the app it means now you can have  the weather, unread text messages and more information on your dash clock widget.There are many developers out there building new extra features all the time.So it is our best widget of choice.

9.Nova launcher:(Free/Premium)


nova-launcher-4-android-heroIf you are bored using the stock google now launcher and want to use other highly customize launchers without losing the smoothness then you are in right place.Nova launcher is the fastest launcher ever.It has now all android lollipop animation.It has both free and premium version available.This launcher is highly recommended from us.

10.A Better Camera:(Free/Premium)


a-better-camera-androidSmartphone camera are getting popular day by day so we need a good camera app to get the full out of our smartphone camera because the stock camera on most of the android phone like nexus devices are very simple.A better camera is the best camera app for android we have ever tested.You can basically control anything you want like iso, white balance, exposure and more.It has an option to lock the focus, this feature comes very helpful while recording a video from your android smartphone.This app is free in the play store.

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