How to add, change, or delete users in Android Lollipop

You  probably know that you can add multiple user accounts on the same android device and this feature makes it easy to share an Android device with others, as everyone gets their own home screen configuration and access to the Play Store.It is a very good feature to share an android tablet or phone between family members.Thanks to this app, everyone can now have their own home screen and a set of apps, which they can customize to their liking.


Guest account
Add guest account or user account

To access account profiles, just swipe down with two fingers, then touch your account picture(Most of the phones).Then, you’ll see your account details next to any other accounts you’ve added(If you added) and then you have an option to add a guest or another user.

A guest profile is a very good feature to share an android tablet or phone between family members.Just touch Add guest and they can play around on your tablet without accessing any of your personal information.If you want to add a user who will regularly use your android phone or tablet like you, then select Add user.As it is regular user account it will require a couple of additional steps such as signing in to or creating a new Google account.This is the process to add a guest account on any android lollipop device.


Edit or delet a guest account or user account

If you want to delete or edit any guest account or user account, then go to Settings > Users. Touch the trash can icon to eliminate any of this user account.